Are Replacement Windshields as Good as Original?

Just for the record, many non-OEM parts are just as good as an OEM part. One term that has prevailed and some promote it is the term OEE, which stands for “Original Equipment Equivalent”. This term makes some sense, but then it becomes a question of “equivalent” to what standard. Who determines if the part is really equivalent? There is no clear answer.

There are poor imitations that should not be considered for use in a vehicle. It is important to deal with reputable providers and people you can trust. Since the quality of original car glass is equivalent to that of original glass, the integrity of the windshield after replacement is not at risk. The new car glass will be reliable and satisfactory, and will offer optimal safety standards for your car.

When your windshield breaks and you need a replacement, there are two types of windshield glass available: OEM and aftermarket glass. An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement windshield is what makes that windshield an OEM replacement. Mercedes-Benz USA has also announced that it strongly recommends the use of OEM glass to replace windshields. You can avoid the post-installation problems that occur when car windows aren't properly adjusted and take advantage of all the aforementioned benefits with an OEM windshield replacement. Manufacturers like Honda require OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass in all their windshield replacements.

Some people may not know that many car manufacturers require the use of OEM glass to replace windshields. What is the average range of additional cost for OEMs compared to OEE and compared to aftermarket replacement glass expressed as a percentage? If my friend's cracked windshield is replaced with original glass, the new glass can match the color, durability, tint, thickness, and fit of the glass being replaced. If the glass manufacturer is the best manufacturer and there is nothing to denote your car manufacturer, it means that your glass has been replaced with an OEM or OEE one. If you spend your money the first time, you'll be sure to get a windshield replacement that will keep your car a pleasure to drive and, at the same time, give you peace of mind that it will do its job in the event of an accident, so you should aim higher when considering changing your OEE windshield. Windshield glass manufacturers will produce more replacement glass to meet demand and, although they are not produced in the same batch as the original windshields, the windshields produced in subsequent runs are practically the same, since the OEM can take advantage of the saved production data to exactly reproduce the original product. OEM auto glass may or may not be made by the same company that installed the original windshield on your car. While safety regulations for glass manufacturing are regulated by the government, making it impossible to buy a replacement windshield that isn't “safe”, it's the way OEE windshields are manufactured that can make getting replacement glass that shares the same specifications as the panel being replaced a bit risky.

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