Replacing Side and Rear Windows on a Vehicle: What You Need to Know

In some cases, the side and rear windows of a vehicle can be repaired, but it is important to be aware of the specific considerations that come into play when determining whether a window can be repaired or not. The need to replace the side and rear windows is not as common as repairing or replacing the windshield, since they simply don't suffer the same damage as the front windshield when driving on the highway. However, accidents occur both on and off the road, and in some cases, complete replacement is necessary. You can usually repair a small crack in the windshield or a splinter that doesn't exceed a dime.

Consider it a rule of thumb and not a law of physics, since each situation has specific considerations about whether a window can be repaired or not. When a passing car picks up debris from the road, whether it's parked or driving, the damage can usually be repaired. Other situations that can cause repairable damage include strange events that may involve children playing in the driveway or doing construction work on the street. Each state has its own rules on the acceptable VLT range for windows in different parts of a vehicle.

The ink on the rear and side windows of New Mexico cars must have a VLT greater than 20 percent. In SUVs, the rear and side windows can have any type of VLT. In addition, when replacing the windows in your car, it will also be necessary to replace them if the anti-fog (the small orange lines that cross the glass and generate heat) have broken or stopped working completely. The costs of replacing your car windows are covered by the glass breakage warranty included in the car insurance (excluding any deductible).

When working with broken glass due to a broken car window, the technician can vacuum the door component for small fragments of broken glass when you remove the door panel. But there's a lot more you should know about your car's side windows, from the different types available to how to keep them clean and the process for a glass technician to replace them. Some older cars also have small ventilation windows or glass room windows on the rear doors, which would make the replacement more complex and, therefore, more expensive. Immediate glass replacement is an important automotive glass service that should be taken seriously.

If your car has the safety feature of tempered glass designed to break without sharp edges, you'll always have to replace damaged windows.

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