Can I Get a Discount on My Auto Glass Replacement with an AAA Membership Card?

AAA members can save 10% on any auto glass repair or replacement at any Safelite AutoGlass repair center or mobile service. This is one of the most appreciated advantages of AAA membership, as it allows members to access a variety of discounts with their AAA card. Glas Tek can repair rock fragments on a windshield if they are smaller than the size of a credit card. If the windshield is in repairable condition, AAA insurance will not apply any deductible.

However, keep in mind that repairing a rock on a windshield is not a cosmetic solution, so the break won't go away once completed. The point of impact can disappear by 60 to 80%, depending on many factors such as how long it has been on the windshield, the type of break, the size of the break, and the location of the break. Glas Tek will be happy to analyze your needs and help you file your claim for repairing a broken windshield. AAA stands behind Glas Tek's automotive glass replacement and repair services and backs them up with a double warranty. To file a windshield replacement claim with the AAA or to view the list of AAA approved glass repair centers, contact the AAA today.

In fact, many Arizona AAA windshield replacement policyholders include full glass coverage in their policies and may not even know it. Glas Tek participates in the AAA automotive preferred glass program, which means that all windshield replacement jobs are backed and guaranteed by AAA across the country. If you have to file a claim for windshield replacement, for example, you are not required to submit a report to your own agent or insurance company, as you will be provided with all the assistance necessary to file a claim for car windows. As a participant in the AAA windshield replacement program, Glas Tek is subject to the pricing of its contracts with AAA, so policyholders can expect the best prices at the lowest possible cost, with no additional expenses for you or additional costs for your auto insurance company. Under Arizona State Law (ARS 20-46), car owners have the legal option of choosing which service provider they want to work with to replace their car windows. Arizona is just one of the few states that offer an auto glass exemption in their comprehensive insurance policy with very low premiums.

Reliable car insurance will help you defray the expenses related to repairs and the replacement of auto parts, taking a significant part of this financial burden off you. Once you contact Glas Tek, we'll help you at all times to report an incident related to windshield replacement and file a claim to your car's glass insurance. Then, Glas Tek will schedule a convenient mobile appointment to go to your home or business and replace the glass on site. AAA members save 10% on repairs and replacements when they work with Safelite, the largest automotive glass repair network in the United States. Replacing the windshield of a new, luxurious, feature-packed vehicle could cost twice as much as replacing the glass in an old economy car. The AAA works with an outside company that helps file claims for auto glass repair and windshield replacement.

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