Does Safelite Use Original Equipment Glass?

Safelite is not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), meaning they are not legally allowed to manufacture windshields to the exact specifications of the originals. However, they purchase their glass from the world's largest and most sophisticated glass manufacturers, companies that work directly with and supply vehicle manufacturers. When you use Safelite to replace a broken windshield or other car glass, your old glass doesn't go to landfill. Safelite is often one of the most expensive options for repairing and replacing car glass, so you can find cheaper services elsewhere.

However, Safelite normally makes its own car glass instead of sourcing glass from other manufacturers. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car glass is manufactured by the same manufacturer as original glass. With more than 700 Safelite repair facilities and more than 7000 mobile repair shops, the company is likely to be an option for most drivers. While you can go to a body shop for auto glass services, many drivers prefer to have Safelite technicians come to them.

Automotive glass equivalent to original equipment (OEE) is manufactured to the same standards, but by a different manufacturer.

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