How Strong is Automotive Glass?

When it comes to automotive glass, the strength of the material is an important factor to consider. Regular glass has a breaking point of 1,000 PSI, but tempered glass is much stronger. This type of glass is created through a unique hardening process, which involves heating the float glass and then cooling it rapidly. This process creates a compressive stress on the surface of the glass and an internal tension in its body, making it more resistant to tensile stress than regular glass. Laminated automotive glass is also much stronger than regular glass, as it has greater resistance to impact, stress, and intrusion.

One example of this type of automotive glass is Temperlite-LT from AIS Glass, which is mainly used for side windows and rear windshields. The use of automotive glass in the manufacture of these components has significantly improved safety in all parameters. Overall, automotive glass is much stronger than regular glass and provides greater protection against impact, stress, and intrusion. This makes it an ideal material for use in the manufacture of windshields, side windows, and rear windows.

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