Is Replacement Windshield as Good as Original?

OEM windshield replacement is the ideal choice for car owners who value safety and reliability. They are as good as they are genuine, certified by the Department of Transportation. The term “Original Equipment Equivalent” (OEE) is often used, but it is unclear who determines if the part is really equivalent. Poor imitations should be avoided, and it is best to deal with reputable providers.

The quality of original car glass is equivalent to that of original glass, so the integrity of the windshield after replacement is not at risk. OEM windshields are manufactured by the same companies that manufactured the original windshield and will match the color, thickness, fit, and shape of the original windshield. They also have logos to match those of the original windshield. The prices of OEM glasses can be between 40% and 60% higher than those of similar windshields on the aftermarket.

Some insurance companies won't pay for OEM glasses because of the higher cost, while other insurance companies will only pay for OEM glasses if the vehicle is no more than one or two years old. Mercedes-Benz USA has also announced that it strongly recommends the use of OEM glass to replace windshields. Some suppliers offer more durable, high-quality car glass options that are better than the original windshields. These post-installation problems can be avoided by using original car glass, while a poor-quality windshield repair will only consume more time and money, causing you a lot of frustration.

Many customers who come to your shop to replace their windshield are likely to have a lot of questions about the glass you'll use for the job. OEE windshields or equivalent to original equipment are windshields manufactured by the same companies that manufacture the OEMs, but the logo on the glass is that of the glass manufacturer, not that of the car manufacturer. If you have a damaged windshield that needs to be replaced, your first choice should be OEM car glass. Many car manufacturers now require or recommend that windshields with cameras or sensors installed on them be replaced with OEM glass when broken.

If the vehicle was purchased used, the windshield may have been replaced before and may have been replaced incorrectly the first time. Conversely, if another company also makes that same part to sell to auto glass wholesalers and replacement workshops, that part (no matter how well it is manufactured) is not an OEM part. When your windshield breaks and you need to change it, you have two types of windshield glass at your disposal: the original and the aftermarket ones. If my friend's cracked windshield is replaced with original glass, the new glass can match the color, durability, tint, thickness, and fit of the glass being replaced.

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