What is an Aftermarket Windshield and How Does it Compare to OEM Glass?

An aftermarket windshield is a type of automotive glass that is manufactured by a third-party company to fit your vehicle. It is generally lower in cost than OEM glass, but there is debate in the industry as to whether aftermarket glass is of the same quality as OEM glass. Aftermarket windshields are more affordable than OEM auto glass and are easy to access and find. Aftermarket car glass is available from many sources, including local stores in your area such as Simi Valley Auto Glass Repair.

Aftermarket windshields are created by glass companies that are not affiliated with the original car manufacturers. These windshields are designed to fit the size and proportions of your car, but can vary in thickness, color, and UV protection. It is important to note that they are not approved by the original car manufacturers and that some accessories may not work properly. Yes, aftermarket windshields can be just as good as OEM ones. There are expert glass manufacturers who produce windshields with the same quality as the OEM windshields that come with the vehicle. In fact, some glass manufacturers in your area may be OEM suppliers of certain vehicle brands.

They could be a factory car glass supplier for their car brand, but they market their products under their own brand with their own logo. In this case, these products are called OEE or original equipment equivalents. With more manufacturers of OEE glass, it follows that there would be more aftermarket car glass on the market for more makes and models of vehicles. However, it is important to remember that automotive glass on the aftermarket is not and can never be 100% similar to original or OEM windshields. When you start to see signs of cracks on your windshield, it's important to replace it, and there are two ways to do it. Aftermarket automotive glass products may not meet the same standards as OEM ones, but they meet or exceed the Department of Transportation's minimum safety requirements.

If your broken windshield is replaced with original glass, the new glass can match the color, durability, tint, thickness, and fit of the glass being replaced. The car glass company manufactures windshields and windows according to the car manufacturer's strict specifications. However, some suppliers offer more durable, high-quality car glass options that are better than the original windshields. Aftermarket glasses are manufactured by auto glass companies that don't necessarily have contracts with specific car manufacturers. For example, Honda requires the replacement of the windshield of the original equipment, along with the replacement of the original equipment of the side windows in some models, such as the RLX Sport Hybrid and the Honda Accord from Honda. However, there are also times when second-hand car glass isn't as good as original windshields, especially if you buy them from manufacturers that use substandard materials for their products. Many customers who come to your shop to replace their windshield are likely to have a lot of questions about the glass you'll use for the job.

In addition, functions such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning system, braking system with collision attenuation, lane assistance system, braking system with collision attenuation, and road change mitigation system can use a camera or a complex combination of radar and camera that could work abnormally if the windshield is replaced with glass that is not from the original manufacturer. Replacing these windshields with normal aftermarket glasses can damage or disconnect certain functions, which inevitably jeopardizes passenger safety. Typically, car owners can choose between an original windshield and a second-hand windshield depending on the auto glass technician they work with.

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