What is the Difference Between Original and OEM Windshields?

Yes, aftermarket windshields can be just as good as OEM ones. There are expert glass manufacturers and manufacturers who produce windshields with the same quality as the OEM windshields that come with the vehicle. In fact, there is a possibility that some glass manufacturers in your area are OEM suppliers of certain vehicle brands. They could be a factory car glass supplier for their car brand, but they market their products under their own brand with their own logo.

In this case, your products are referred to as OEE or Original Equipment Equivalents. As the quality of original automotive glass is equivalent to that of original glass, the integrity of the windshield after replacement is not at risk. The new car glass will be reliable and satisfactory, and will offer optimal safety standards for your car. When you need to replace a broken windshield, there are two types of windshield glass available: OEM and aftermarket glass.

If you're unsure which one to choose between Safelite and OEM auto glass, it may come down to your budget in the end. Your customers should know that “OEM” in OEM auto glass stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, while “OEE” in OEE automotive glass stands for Original Equipment Equivalent. However, there are also times when automotive aftermarket glass isn't as good as OEM windshields, especially if they buy them from manufacturers that use substandard materials for their products. These post-installation problems can be avoided by using OEM automotive glass, while a poor-quality windshield repair will only consume more time and money, causing you a lot of frustration.

For many years, professionals in the automotive industry were silent about the safety of OEM glass versus aftermarket glass. OEM automotive glass is manufactured by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass that the manufacturer placed in your vehicle. It may or may not be manufactured by the same company that installed the original windshield in your car. If you plan to sell your car in the future, it is ideal to replace the damaged windshield using only OEM car glass.

However, if you want something more affordable, then OEE glass is recommended, as its price is significantly lower than that of OEM glass. Sometimes, they switch glass manufacturers when they receive a lower offer, which results in identical vehicles having glass technically manufactured by different companies. Without a doubt, your customers will take the information you provide about OEM and OEE automotive glass very seriously. If you have a damaged windshield that needs to be replaced, an OEM car glass should be your first choice.

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