What Type of Warranty is Offered with an Auto Glass Replacement?

When it comes to auto glass replacement, the warranty must cover both the glass and the installation. This should include protection against water and wind leaks, as well as cracks caused by improper installation. If rock chips are repaired, the warranty should also cover any spread of chips or cracks. The duration of automotive glass repair shop warranties can vary greatly, with some offering short-term coverage and others offering lifetime coverage.

Most stores offer a minimum of 90 days of warranty coverage. In most cases, a car warranty does not cover a cracked or damaged windshield. However, there are certain exceptions, such as if the windshield was not manufactured properly and cracked due to regular daily use. If the windshield was cracked by road debris, which is the most common cause of windshield damage, it would not usually be covered. This is because the windshield is often classified as a “worn out” element, much like brake pads, tires, and safety belts, and even comprehensive warranties do not usually cover them. An auto glass repair or replacement warranty guarantees repair or replacement workmanship; it does not guarantee the glass itself.

To ensure that your warranty remains valid, you should follow the instructions on How to Care for Your Car's Glass After Replacing the Windshield. Some auto glass repair shops may not offer warranty coverage to replace windshields or rear windows if they find rust around the frame that houses the glass. Most auto glass repairs include a full or limited warranty designed to cover defects, damage, or any other problem related to the repair work performed. While windshield replacements are usually included in an auto insurance policy, most extended warranties and vehicle service contracts do not list windshields as one of their components. A warranty can give you greater peace of mind, but it usually has its limitations: it is not necessarily a free warranty to buy new glass in the event of future damage. Reputable auto glass repair companies offer warranties that give you confidence in the quality of their workmanship.

Auto glass repair warranties vary from shop to shop, so you'll need to call the shop or review the documentation to determine the duration of your coverage. If the damage to the glass worsens after the repair, you'll need to take your vehicle back to the glass repair shop where you scheduled the original repair. There is no guarantee that provides protection against future damage to glass because, at the end of the day, glass can always break. If you're looking for auto glass repair companies and determining prices for their services, you've probably come across several companies that offer guarantees for their jobs.

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